Have you tried Wireless Charging?

Wireless charging is the most convenient way to charge your phone, earbuds and other devices. No more having to fumble around for the cable, no more forgetting to plug in before you go to bed. Just drop your phone onto the pad and let the charger do the rest. Standard devices will charge at a standard 5W rate, but many modern devices will change at faster rates of up to 10W. VELD wireless chargers support all devices compatible with Qi wireless charging.

Like all VELD chargers, our wireless chargers include a number of features designed to protect your devices against excess voltage, high temperatures or short circuiting. Unique to our wireless chargers is Foreign Object Detection, which identifies items like coins and keys and prevents them from activating the wireless charging pad mistakenly, ensuring complete safety.

We offer a range of wireless charging products to fit different needs:

  • VW10YB Fast Wireless Charging Pad is a sleek, simple design with a rubberised grip to keep your phone in place. Ideal for bedside tables. View on Amazon
  • VW10XB Fast Wireless Charging Stand is a stylish option that can stand up or fold flat, ideal for keeping an eye on your phone at a desk while it charges, or lying flat next to a bed. View on Amazon
  • VWC10ZB Fast Wireless Car Charging Pad is perfect for keeping your phone charged up while you drive, while mounted to your dashboard for navigation. View on Amazon

Visit our Amazon Store to check out the full range: www.amazon.co.uk/veld