Innovative Products

from the birthplace of industry

VELD is based in beautiful Shropshire in the UK where it was launched in 2018. It’s the portable power division of AVF Group, who’ve been designing household products since 1977.

The VELD brand was developed to provide the market with cutting edge mobile device chargers that get the best out of your gadgets thanks to intelligent, optimum control charging technology. This clever tech is helping to meet the growing need to charge multiple items from one charger, quickly and efficiently.

VELD achieves all this whilst recognising the need to improve the eco credentials of this style of product.

Our chargers use the latest technologies to ensure power is always shared in the most efficient ways – communicating with your devices to not only ensure fast safe charging with no wasted power, but also to assist in maintaining your devices battery health.

All VELD products are manufactured in fully audited factories, they are checked throughout the process by our own expert QC teams and tested by trusted 3rd party testing companies to maintain our exacting standards.

Working Toward a Sustainable Future

At VELD we recognise the need to be constantly working on ways to improve our ECO credentials to ensure we are improving at every opportunity and continually working towards a more sustainable future.


Taking Steps Now…

We have recently removed all plastic trays from our packaging, switching to 100% recyclable cardboard, and we are currently investigating the potential for manufacturing our products from recycled materials. As part of this process we have identified the GRS programme as the best way to verify the authenticity of recycled materials.



Fully BSCI Audited Factories

VELD insist on fully BSCI audited factories. BSCI audits cover Ethical Practices, Environmental, Health & Safety and Labour conditions.

This ensures all workers are treated well, paid correctly, and respected at all times. This is an ongoing audit. Factories are always monitored to ensure standards are maintained and improved where necessary.


We also insist on ISO management audits to ensure good management systems are in place, recognising the most efficient process to produce goods in a clean safe environment, as well as respecting and assisting in meeting the BSCI requirements.


Charging phones was just the beginning, it is now possible to charge larger devices such as Laptops and Tablets at the same time, from the same multi-port charger!


Intelligent charging adjusts to supply the optimal power required for each device, so there’s no need to worry about over-charging or damaging your tech


Multi-device chargers offer convenient, cost effective energy efficiency, require less raw materials to produce and create less E-waste than owning multiple chargers