Frequently Asked Questions

Which charger do I need for my device?

Many current smartphones, tablets and laptops are compatible with Fast Charging, when paired with the right charger and cable. A quick guide to the most popular models can be found on our Compatibility page, but please check your device’s specs or instructions for specific information.

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Why isn’t my device charging at full speed?

Fast Charging standards like USB Power Delivery will automatically adjust the power supplied based on what a device requires, and to preserve battery health. Often a device will only charge at full speed up to a certain percentage, then switch to a lower speed until fully charged.


Can Fast Charging damage my device?

All VELD chargers include features that prevent damage to your device, such as Voltage, Current, Short Circuit and Temperature protection. Intelligent charging means that your device will only ever receive the power it can handle.


Is it safe to leave my device plugged in once charged?

Once a device is completely charged, the charger will continue to supply a trickle of power to keep the device topped up until disconnected. It’s completely safe to leave devices plugged in, but it may affect the long term health of your battery.




Is my device compatible with Wireless Charging?

VELD Wireless Chargers are compatible with devices that support the Qi charging specification. Many of the latest smartphones, earbuds and more are supported – find your model on our Compatibility page or check your devices specifications for more information.

Device compatibility


Why isn’t my device charging wirelessly?

When placing a device onto the wireless charger, it must be aligned with the charging coil. VELD Wireless Chargers include an indicator light that will tell you if a device isn’t aligned correctly – refer to the instructions with your product for more information.

NOTE, there is a slight delay when placing your device on any wireless pad, as it runs safety protocols before starting to charge.


Aren’t all USB cables the same?

Most standard USB cables can’t safely carry the wattage required for Fast Charging. To ensure you’re receiving the fastest possible charging speed, you’ll need to use a Super-Fast cable. VELD cables clearly state the maximum speed on the packaging.

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What is USB Type-C?

USB Type-C (also known as USB-C) is the latest USB connector, replacing the existing USB form factors you may be familiar with, like USB Type-A and Micro USB. The switch to Type-C connectors brings a number of benefits, like being reversible – no more flipping the cable over to plug it in the correct way. On a technical level, it also allows for much higher charging and data transfer speeds than ever before, with room to extend these capabilities even further with future USB specifications.



What is GaN?

Gallium Nitride is a new alternative to silicon in charging technology that allows us to create more eco-friendly products than ever before, without sacrificing power or features.

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What are PD and PPS?

The days of having to carry multiple chargers are over. USB Power Delivery is a fast charging specification available as part of the USB Type-C connector standard, that allows for charging smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. PPS is even more efficient, and unlocks faster charging on the latest devices.

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What is QC?

Quick Charge is a fast charging technology developed by Qualcomm that has been incorporated into many smartphones using Snapdragon processors. VELD products support version 3.0, which is 45% more efficient than QC 2.0 and widely supported by devices made by Samsung, Sony, and others.

When paired with a high speed cable, a Quick Charge 3.0 charger can charge compatible devices from 0 to 80% in just 35 minutes, or up to 4x faster than with a standard 5W charger. More information and a full list of compatible devices is available on the Qualcomm website.

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What is MFi?

Made for iPhone is Apple’s official certification program for accessories. All VELD Lightning Cables are part of this program, so you can be sure that they include safe, certified parts that won’t damage your iPhone or iPad device.

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What is an E-Marker chip?

E-Marker is a chip built into high-spec USB Type-C cables in order to safely manage the Power Delivery protocol. When a device is plugged into a PD charger, a “handshaking” process allows them to communicate important details about their specs – with the E-Marker chip, the cable itself can also communicate with them, ensuring that the safe power limits of the device, charger and cable are not exceeded. Cables that support 5A charging or exceed 60W must include an E-Marker.

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Recyclable Packaging

ALL packaging manufactured from 2022 onward will be made from 100% recyclable cardboard!