Multi-Port Charging

In today’s increasingly tech driven world, phones, tablets, laptops, headphones and countless other devices combine to make our lives easier. But, the tangle of plugs and cables that come along with them can become a real headache to manage.

If you regularly find yourself searching for that particular plug or having to share a limited number of wall sockets, now could be the time to consider a universal multi-port, multi-device charging plug.

The Veld VH66EW has two USB, plus two USB Type-C ports and outputs up to 48W to a single device. This means you could charge a larger device such as a laptop, plus a couple of phones at the same time, making it perfect for use in both offices and family settings.

It’s not just convenient, it’s quick too. The included Power Delivery and QC3.0 charging standards are more often than not capable of powering phones much quicker than the chargers they came packed with and are universal, so work with all older phone models too!

But that’s not all, Veld Chargers employ intelligent ‘controlled’ charging to ensure each device you plug in receives its optimum level of power, stopping when the battery is full. This, combined with the other protective features such as current, short circuit and temperature monitoring, means you can rest assured all your devices are in safe hands.

You can find out more about Power Delivery and QC 3.0 on our website along with detailed information on the full Veld product range.

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