SUPER-FAST PPS charging!


Reduce the need for multiple chargers with this super convenient 2 Port Power Delivery + PPS Wall Charger.

Offering super-fast, safe charging up to 30W for the latest PPS Smartphones and Tablets, plus all USB-C PD and Quick Charge devices and fully backwards compatible with older USB powered tech. The compact design is easy to carry from home to the office or coffee shop, and with 2 ports there’s no need to fight for available power sockets.

Powerful + Portable

At just 70g, VH30DW is is incredibly small, yet it’s powerful enough to power PPS devices at up to 30W



With both a USB and USB-C super-fast charging port, this powerful multi-port wall charger can help free up valuable power outlets and clear your cluttered workspace.

Compact design

The bag-friendly size means VH30DW is easy to carry around with you – from home, to the coffee shop or the office.

Intelligent & safe

VH30DW is safe and great for device battery health: Charge 2 devices at once with full protection from voltage, current, short circuit and high temperatures.

Supported charging standards

VELD Chargers employ intelligent charging, automatically selecting the best possible standard and speed for your device

Port Max output Supported standards


View power distribution (PDF)


Charging phones was just the beginning, it is now possible to charge larger devices such as Laptops and Tablets at the same time, from the same multi-port charger!


Intelligent charging adjusts to supply the optimal power required for each device, so there’s no need to worry about over-charging or damaging your tech


Multi-device chargers offer convenient, cost effective energy efficiency, require less raw materials to produce and create less E-waste than owning multiple chargers