What charger speed should I use?

Generally, smaller laptops will charge at lower speeds, and larger laptops require higher speeds to charge correctly. Some exceptions apply (for example, higher-spec models), so you should check the specifications for your device to ensure you’re supplying the correct amount of power. You should also ensure you are using a cable rated for the correct speed (such as 60W or 100W).

Wattages shown below are a general guide only, always check power and cable requirements for your device


Small Laptops
up to 45W

Examples: MacBook Air, Surface Laptop Go, Galaxy Chromebook


Medium Laptops
up to 65W

Examples: Galaxy Book, Pixelbook Go, Surface Laptop, Framework Laptop


Large Laptops
up to 100W

Examples: MacBook Pro, Surface Book, Galaxy Book Ultra

How can I tell if my laptop supports USB-C charging?

The easiest way is to check your device specifications in the instruction booklet or manufacturer’s website – look for “USB-C charging” or “USB Power Delivery” features. Alternatively, check the design of the port used for charging – USB-C looks like the image below.

L A T E S T - T E C H


Smaller and more energy efficient
than silicon-based chargers

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